New design template available as update

Modern look & suitable for many subpages? Then you can't get around the new template 82_2!
Created with Lunacy

New design template available as update

by Daniel Flesch

Once again, we have "reworked" one of our successful design templates into a completely new template. We have taken our template 82, which can be "folded in/out" on the left side, as a basis to create a fancy new template.

The highlights of the improvements are:

  • The header image on the desktop always uses 25% of the width of the browser window - in the mobile views, however, the complete viewport is filled in. The function to fold in/out the header image has been removed
  • The subnavigation no longer opens sideways, but directly under the main navigation point. It also opens with a click.
  • The navigation has been made scrollable, making the new template ideal for websites with many subpages.
  • The logo area was enlarged, a "sticky footer" and many new animations / transitions were added.
  • There are two more sidebars, with which a customer can realize the trendy zebra look. They are located above the content area and below.  
  • Although the content area has been widened, the sidebar next to it could be kept. Perfect for icons, important information like phone numbers, addresses or buttons!
  • All in all, the new design 82 looks much slimmer & clearer than its predecessor. It offers a new, very modern and professional appearance!

Many design variations have become possible because in addition to the new features, the function "Hide empty areas" offers many more possible looks for the new template. See samples below!

The new template is available in the design selection instead of the previous template 82. For existing users of Template 82 there are no effects - a change to the new version is possible at any time.

A couple of detailed examples show the many possibilities with 82_2 (challenge for experts: find the image with the previous version of the template!)