Helping Small Businesses during the Corona Crisis

The restrictions during the Corona crisis are an existential threat to many small businesses, especially to those with poor progress in their digital transformation.
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Helping Small Businesses during the Corona Crisis

by Frank Müller

The restrictions during the Corona crisis are an existential threat to many small businesses, especially to those with poor progress in their digital transformation. CM4all has teamed up with its partners to launch free offers and provide support to these businesses.

In the last weeks this Corona virus has really got us in one way or another. It’s a threat to our health, especially for the risk groups. It has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. And last but not least it is a major threat to our economy and an existential threat to the small businesses. 

Now - by experience - it has become instantly clear that digitalization is not nice-to-have, but a necessity.  These are sad circumstances, but it has opened many small business owner’s eyes. We at CM4all need to realize that working for a natively digital company we are more than lucky in this crisis. For us it’s not a problem to work remotely and our products are more important than ever. 

This is why we wanted to give something back and support those who are not so lucky. Our most important user group, the small businesses, probably suffers the most. With all the restrictions in the last weeks we experienced a painful confirmation of a central idea we have at we22 group: The variety of small businesses enriches all our lives. We believe it’s well worth to preserve it. Once small businesses had to shut down their local stores CM4all’s Key Account Management started discussions with our partners how we can help. We have teamed up with our partners to launch some special website products for the small businesses and there are more partners to come. In this article I would like to give some insight what we did in the last weeks.

Our friends from Switzerland, Hostpoint, are known for their unhesitant action and were among the first partners to launch a special Sites offer for those who are not well-represented in the digital world. For a period of six months Hostpoint offers a full-blown Sites Unlimited plan for free and terminable at any time:

Another special offer comes from our great partner Arsys in Spain: The virus and the countermeasures has hit Spain severely and we are happy that CM4all products can help to milden this impact a bit. 

A very special offer comes from the initiative Vernetzt Digital: It helps Germany’s small construction businesses that struggle to work with a DIY tool themselves. It even offers a free website building service and free usage until the end of the year. The offer is basing on CM4all technology and our sister company web4business adds the free website building service, online marketing and local listing. Many key players from the construction industry already support this initiative and their number is growing.

We had expected a large acceptance of the special offers. The actual response is even larger. There is a real need. Even when the restrictions will be loosened, the fact remains that there is no alternative to digitalization - during this crisis and beyond. With these offers small businesses can jump-start a state-of-the-art website within a day. They get the most important communication tool, can maintain contact to their customers and start marketing and selling their offerings online.

One thing is certain: The only way to overcome this unprecedented crisis is to work as a team. CM4all and its partners have chosen to do so and to contribute in this difficult situation. We would like to say thank you to our partners for the great teamwork. We are happy that we can give back a bit of our luck.