Another favorite design template updated!

Want fresh web trends with a sophisticated look? Then the new Template 085_2 is perfect for you!
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Another favorite design template updated!

by Daniel Flesch

We receive a constant stream of positive feedback about our existing and new design templates. These reviews are a powerful motivator for us to work on new designs that reflect the most recent web trends – or update our classic favorites with the latest styles. This time, we took a look at our very popular Template 85 design.

These are the main improvements we made:

  • The cover photo area is now more than twice as large as before, making it possible to much more prominently place a cover photo or slide show. 

  • The navigation choices are simply and elegantly animated when the user pulls up a web page. 

  • A larger logo space offers more room for the customer’s logo. 

  • The navigation and sub-navigation functions have been completely revamped. These are now displayed directly on the cover photo, offering much more space for navigation items along with mouse-over animations. A background color gradient can now be defined, which increases the readability of the navigation items. 

  • The content area was expanded, so that web designers now have much more space for text, images, and widgets. 

  • Eight small sidebars were replaced with four large sidebars within which columns can now be added. 

  • We also made the footer “sticky,” so the content in the footer is always displayed on the full screen. (See STICKY FOOTER ARTICLE.)  

The new template replaces the previous Template 85 in our selection of design templates. For existing users of Template 85, this will not change anything: They can switch to the new version anytime.

A few examples illustrate the many options available with Template 85_2.  

We look forward to future feedback from our users, which we will continue to use to improve our templates.