We develop software products. We work in a partnership of equals, openly and transparently: within our teams, across teams, and with our customers and partners. We want to understand our customers’ needs and together find the right solutions.

Agile is a mindset, not a method. Nearly 10 years ago, we began trying out agile processes. Since then we have changed the way we tackle challenges – step by step, every day. The agile approach helps us to work on our goals pragmatically, transparently and cooperatively.


We work successfully in diverse teams of thoughtful, open people. Female and male, young and old, technical and creative thinking complement each other wonderfully. This diversity produces the best results for our customers.

Often, the best ideas come up in discussions in diverse, mixed teams. It could be during a design thinking workshop, at lunch or while sharing a Kölsch beer after quitting time. New ideas can be transformed into prototypes and tested – as sketches on paper, drafts on screen or click dummies. Or sometimes by jumping straight into coding. Freely and imaginatively because, after all, there are no wrong ideas. Mistakes help us make progress, to learn and improve.

We are always prepared to try new things. If nothing comes of it, we move on and try something else.


We don’t have an IT department – we are the IT department. Developers, DevOps pros, administrators, support specialists, QA experts, project managers, customer service representatives, UX specialists, product professionals, designers and agile experts.

Many of us have been here since the beginning, while others are brand new. We’re men and women, old and young. In recent years, the percentage of female employees has risen steadily, but we’d like to hire more. We appreciate diversity – anyone and everyone is welcome to apply for a job here.

  • We love trying out new technologies, including “hacking time” for all developers.
  • We work with Macs as well as Windows and Linux PCs – and any tools that are fun to use.
  • Our team spaces feature an open layout and are customized to match the personal preferences of the respective team.
  • There is enough space for spontaneous meetings and breaks.
  • Free fresh fruit, a large selection of delicious beverages – including Kölsch beer after 6:00pm.
  • Everyone has access to the foosball and billiard tables and 3D printer.
  • Regularly scheduled events include company outings, a Christmas party and a Karneval celebration, or we simply have spontaneous release parties.
  • We offer discounted memberships to a fitness studio, including swimming pool, in the neighboring building.
a cologne original.

Most people spend more time at work than at home. That’s why it’s important that we feel comfortable here. Our work environment emphasizes fair treatment, helpfulness and mutual support.

This has resulted, quite spontaneously, in friendships even outside of work.

Some employees exercise together, for example, participating in the company run or climbing group, beach volleyball games, or group circuit training next door at lunchtime.

Another group promotes sustainability in our workplace and, for instance, is responsible for introducing reusable food containers. Yet others support local breweries by regularly consuming the inventory of Kölsch beer we keep in our fridges!

Many of us collectively attend the many agile networking meetings in and around Cologne. Or organize these events ourselves.

Interested in getting to know us? Come on by! Stop by one of our agile events, or simply fill out the contact form. We’re located in the heart of Cologne in Mediapark – easily reachable by foot, bike, train or even car (underground parking garage available).

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