premium white-label site builder.

Trinity is our white-label site builder for the design and long-term operation of state-of-the-art websites for small businesses. It’s scalable to several hundreds of thousands of users. And features made-to-order design templates, just the right apps and custom content. Along with seamless integration into the online marketing world and any number of other digital services.

Anytime. Anywhere. Any device. Easy to use – by anyone.

User Experience (UX) is our top priority. We design and test every user touchpoint with our team of product and UX specialists, developers, users and partners.

A do-it-yourself (DIY) model of our site builder can be operated by anyone. Even users without technical skills. The technical platform underlying Trinity, which is regularly enhanced with the newest functions, keeps all pages completely up to date. So our users’ websites are always future-proof.

Just drag and drop – our Website Editor.

From the very beginning, we have loved, lived and deployed WYSIWYG. What you see IS what you get. Forget spending too much time on forms: With our Editor, you can enter and edit text where it appears in the website. At work, at home or even on the road. Simply select images, videos and apps and drop them where you want them with your mouse. Check your work – and publish or save for later. Done!

Unlimited website apps.

Websites are the digital touchpoint between businesses and consumers. That’s why we think it’s important to provide small businesses with the right functions and tools for digital transformation. From simple request forms to plugins for making hotel reservations and doctor’s appointments and even digital product configurators.

Our websites serve as an open platform for integrating and networking any digital services you want.

Trinity includes many different plugins that users can configure with just a few clicks.

And it features an open interface partners can use to develop their own plugins for their user group. For example, a color mixing tool used on many thousands of painting websites that allows visitors to their local painter’s website to interactively play around with designs for their new spaces. And then generate a quote request for the job.

Not off-the-shelf – customized design templates.

A website has to be as unique as the small business it represents. Our goal is to provide a variety of infinitely adaptable design templates optimized for all common output devices.

The best thing about it? Our technology is based on separating the content from the layout. The design can be changed at any time – and should be when a website is several years old. Our customers enjoy a sustainable and future-proof platform.

The CM4all template team continually expands our selection of design templates – always inspired by the latest trends.

Our partners can preconfigure our base templates with their own images, colors and logos to make it even easier for their customers to start out with a compatible layout right away.

Suitable for anyone – ready-to-use websites.

We make it as easy as possible for our customers to launch a new website. At the beginning, a pre-designed website is always available in our site builder.

We offer many different general website templates appropriate for various businesses along with the option to generate custom templates by pressing a button. This enables our partners to provide their target group the ideal templates to start with. Each template can include several pages with customized content, plugins and a finished website design.

Saving existing content – our Importer.

Customers who use our site builder to design a new website often already have one. It usually includes a large amount of text and images that the customer wants to reuse in a more up-to-date layout. Trinity features an import function for migrating the existing website structure, texts and images into one of our design templates, making it easier for small businesses to move into our ecosystem.

Our Content Importer is optimized to work with a number of older toolbox systems – and can be expanded as needed.

White label. International. And super flexible.

Trinity is a white-label product. We scale and configure all aspects of our software as needed for our partners, depending on the possible number of users, apps and content (text, images) included and preconfigured design templates. We also provide open interfaces for expansion with any desired digital services. It goes without saying that we also incorporate our partners’ look and feel along with any languages they support, worldwide.

A decentralized marketing and sales platform.


Trinity connects contents.

Trinity can run many thousands of websites on one platform. Each website itself is a digitally networked platform for transporting information and data. In all directions: Information about products, services and companies can be integrated centrally into all connected websites.



Trinity provides insights.

On the other hand, the connected websites return data on the use and interest in the information provided. Trinity provides insights into the network that were not possible before. Content can be provided in a better and more accurate way and needs of the customers or market trends can be recognized early.


build it for me.
our service tools.

Some small businesses have neither the time nor the expertise to find the right content, functions and design for their websites. Many of our partners want to help their customers have the best digital presence possible.

This is why we provide our partners with several Service Tools to supplement Trinity. These tools enable professional phone support for small business owners, website design and extended website support, and other related services such as online marketing.

We have integrated our own wealth of experience in our end-customer service business into our Service Tools: Customers receive top-notch website design and operation support, and processes are optimized for all participants to enable efficient and cost-effective support for many thousands of customers.


The Expertizer

Simply support

Complex products are often difficult to explain and frequently require long training periods. Our Expertizer is a flexible and focused way to take call center workers through customer calls with a superior UX. The tool’s content and user interface elements are fully configurable.


The Operator

Simply manage

Our Operator feature manages all customers that have booked services. See unfinished action items, required feedback and completed approval processes at a glance. Set access rights and log into the Cooperator as an administrator. It’s scalable to 10, 100 or 1,000 customers and any number of service representatives. And thanks to API, can be fully integrated into workflow and CRM systems.



The Cooperator

Simply coordinate

With Cooperator, approval rounds in the design and maintenance process can be completed more efficiently than ever. Service customers see a simplified user interface for communicating with service representatives. You can also transfer files and issue feedback and approvals on drafts.



The Creator

Simply create

In the content-as-a-service model, our Creator tool takes content management to the next level. This smart content advisor helps administrators integrate and continually maintain their own or third-party, edited content and databases using API. And makes the website design and subsequent maintenance process easier.


hosting platform.

our highly scalable modular hosting solution.

Our CM4all hosting platform is a hosting and web services infrastructure - successfully used by Deutsche Telekom. At the kernel level, it combines the possibilities of current shared hosting technology with more than 300 person-years of invested development work. With the result of a system that feels like a virtual private server to the user, but is much more hardware-efficient than previous solutions to operate. Highly scalable, configurable and future-proof. With seamless integration into the existing infrastructure of our partners - as an unbeatable basis for website products and web apps. And as with all our CM4all products, fully customizable to the needs of our partners.

Best-of-Breed Features.

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy maintenance
  • Linear scalability
  • VPS-like environment
  • Fully configurable down to httpd.conf
  • Extensibility - load modules in your Apache Web Server
  • SSH public key authentication
  • Fair scheduling of resources / cgroups
  • Flexible environment
  • Clustered Cron service
  • Let's Encrypt certificates
  • Fully redundant master/master MySQL cluster
  • Tight integration with CM4all Trinity

we grow your business online.


Our CM4all ecosystem is successful thanks to the seamless, long-term operation of the platform at our partners. CM4all isn’t just available as a download but also as a package featuring managed operation by true experts.

CM4all’s experts.

  • Our project specialists who work with our partners to customize our ecosystem to fit their needs.
  • Our developers and administrators who guarantee the platform’s operation and continual improvement.
  • Our product and UX specialists who deliver the right functions, visuals and usability.
  • Our support team who keeps an eye on all components 24/7.
  • And many others who ensure quality and security behind the scenes.

Tried-and-tested software. For over 20 years.

CM4all software is the engine for several millions of websites worldwide. Many have been online for 15+ years, but all have been seamlessly migrated to the next generation of technology. Updates always included, of course.

CM4all is available in more than 25 languages and on all continents. Our partners, who include prominent providers like Deutsche Telekom and Strato, are the proof.

Agile development. Client focus.

We develop our software with agile methods. A wealth of ideas and input comes from our partners. Or directly from our customers who fill out the feedback forms in our software.

Our designs, prototypes and click dummies flow from collaborative workshops and iterative processes, which produce new functions, fresh design templates and appealing apps.

White-label model. Consulting included.

Every new partnership starts with intensive consulting by our experts.

Together, we determine the scope of services, starting with the required hardware components (on-premises) or the planned number of users (cloud). We design the software’s user interface, specify content and design templates, plugins, functions and default settings.

Should the software be operated DIY or build-it-for-me, or both? Is support required for designing the templates, or should this be handled by our we22 service unit? What other services should be integrated or linked?

Our we22 specialists are well qualified, can draw on many years of experience, and are ready to take on new challenges!

Expertise and support. 24/7.

We operate and manage CM4all software exclusively.

Our partners demand high availability and optimal performance of CM4all websites at all times. Just like our site builder and Service Tools.

Our technology hub in Cologne with its team of DevOps specialists and administrators guarantees seamless operation. Rolling out new versions is part of this effort, as is daytime and nighttime monitoring of all the ecosystems we operate. Both in our cloud and at our partners.

Our second-level support is available to all partners for answering questions and solving problems. We also have dedicated operations and key account managers who advise clients from the very start throughout the entire duration of the partnership.

Interested in learning more about partnering with us? Please fill out our contact form. We’d be happy to provide a non-binding consultation anytime.