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Available at market leaders worldwide
Beautiful Websites

Beautiful WebsitesWith CM4all Sites, anyone can create websites that look attractive on desktops, tablets and smartphones alike.

DaySpa. View complete website

Professional WebsitesCM4all Sites provides agency-grade web design in an easy-to-use site builder.

Liebhand Footwear. View complete website

Responsive WebsitesOur premium site builder delivers fully responsive websites for optimum display on all devices.

Dawn Patrol Surfclub. View complete website

Unique WebsitesBackground images, web fonts and vast customization options enable millions of unique website designs.

Law Firm Veldon and Newman. View complete website

Custom WebsitesAs an OEM partner, you can add custom design templates to CM4all Sites’ built-in catalog.

Brick & Mortar Real Estate. View complete website

Suitable WebsitesCM4all Sites provides suitable website designs for all relevant industry sectors.

ZEN Restaurant. View complete website
Compelling Features

High-Tech Features for Your CustomersWith CM4all Sites you enable your customers to create and maintain professional state-of-the-art websites irrespective of their technical knowledge.

Quickly move all of your clients to a single site builder with CM4all's Content Importer ! Do you have new clients with existing websites? No problem: We can easily adapt our Content Importer to work with any popular website building tool.

Start CM4all Sites with a completely pre-configured website in your selected category. You can customize everything later!

Choose from more than 600 professional design templates to change the look and feel of your content.

True WYSIWYG: Simply click text to change it, and drag and drop elements anywhere within your website.

Choose from a constantly growing number of widgets, ranging from social “like” buttons, photo albums and forms to complex business applications, to add value to your website.

Connect your Facebook Page by linking your website content to professionally designed fan pages. Manage Facebook fan contests from within CM4all Sites!

Drag and drop the shop solution of your choice into your website, and become successful running your own shop site!

The latest generation of CM4all software enabled us to both ideally realize our product concept and to meet our high quality standards.

Hans Panse, Vice President Business Products, Deutsche Telekom AG

Unique Benefits

Our Unique PortfolioDiscover what sets us apart from the crowd.


Our widget technology allows for convenient drag and drop, configuration and arrangement of all website elements, so any user can add complex functions without difficulty. The CM4all widget platform helps you fulfill customer demands for new applications quickly and efficiently, setting your company apart from the competition and opening up substantial new sources of revenue in both the mass market and specialized vertical markets.

We designed CM4all Sites with an open widget API with ever-changing customer needs in mind. Thanks to our fully supported Widget Developer Network, integrating external applications is easy. New widgets can be developed anytime not only by us, but also by you as an OEM partner, and by other specialized third-party developers.


We engineered our Widget Developer Network as an open platform to simplify the widget development process for all parties involved. Leveraging this powerful network will enable you to customize the widget catalog of your CM4all Sites installation to align with your specific target markets and customer segments. The possibilities are endless, since our open widget API also supports the integration of other VAS products like stand-alone online shops and external business applications.

We provide comprehensive technical documentation and widget templates your developers can build on, giving you a head start with easier coding and reduced turnaround times. Your widgets are content-aware for optimum display on all devices, and can be conveniently previewed and tested in a seamlessly integrated CM4all Sites installation. This way you can conduct thorough quality assurance before they are incorporated into your live systems. Please visit to apply for a Widget Developer Network account.


Our partners help hundreds of thousands of SMBs get online every year – and a top priority for most of them is a solid e-commerce solution. To meet this important market need, we partnered with e-commerce specialist Ecwid, whose multi-platform shopping cart software is available in 45 languages. We provide your customers a built-in shopping cart and Ecwid Storefront widgets that help them sell online and enable even inexperienced users to create professional results with ease.

Our seamless integration gives you two ways to create extra revenue streams from e-commerce subscriptions. You can either earn commissions in an affiliate model or add your own private-label online shop to CM4all Sites based on Ecwid’s reseller model. If you prefer a different e-commerce provider, our Widget Developer Network facilitates the integration of your preferred online shop solution.


Whether you create a DIY product or offer fully managed services, plan on bundling CM4all Sites with access tariffs or selling all-inclusive website packages, our product licenses support your business model. We offer CM4all Sites in many different distinct license versions to accommodate your needs and provide you with maximum flexibility in your sales strategy.

Our sophisticated trial-and-buy licenses are the perfect tool for customer acquisition. Showcase your new site builder to prospects and let them evaluate the full version of the tool free of charge for up to 30 days. They can upgrade to a CM4all Sites Full Version anytime – even after the trial period has expired – without losing their previously created website. Leverage this risk-free opportunity and reach your sales goals with ease.


CM4all Sites delivers flexible feature configuration within a product package for both OEM partners and end users alike. Using our feature point model, you can configure product bundles that perfectly suit your sales strategy and create a convincing upgrade path.

We have allocated a specific number of feature points to each of our widgets according to its relative complexity and value. This allows you to independently define and manage default product packages, so your customers can enjoy the flexibility of adding and removing features from their websites within their feature point limit. They get freedom of choice without adding any complexity to your product management.


Our technology is designed to be compact and efficient, always keeping the expansion plans of our OEM partners in mind. Based on more than 15 years of successful software integration with leading telcos, ISPs, verticals and hosters around the world, our experience in mass-market content management engineering is second to none.

With CM4all Sites, 50,000 customer accounts can be hosted on a single server in your data center. As our partner you can choose from field-tested configurations including single-server solutions, installations with two redundant servers, and cluster systems for endless scalability. Mature administrative APIs and proven hardware architecture guarantee maximum connectivity and reliability.


We believe that you should be able to adapt our product to your marketing and sales strategy – not the other way around. That is why we offer comprehensive product customization, so your new site builder seamlessly blends with your brand and is precisely tailored to your target groups.

CM4all Sites’ brandable user interface is readily available in numerous languages, and new ones can be added in weeks. The widget and design template catalog can be easily expanded by either you or third-party developers. With custom website categories and your own default content, you can offer the perfect product to each of your customers. Naturally, those options apply to all your brands and resellers.


We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality and reliability of our software products. Our rigorous QA process delivers optimum results for your entire organization and your customers. It goes without saying that our QA and testing does not stop at achieving superior software functionality. We also conduct comprehensive installation and upgrade testing on multiple platforms to ensure a seamless user experience.

Our cross-functional teams have met the challenges posed by the most demanding international customers for over a decade now. They ensure that our premium site building software runs smoothly, even in the largest industry scenarios possible. You benefit directly from this extensive expertise through your dedicated key account manager – whether we manage day-to-day system upgrades for you or provide support in custom account migrations in a dynamic marketplace.

  • Proven CM4all widget technology enables anyone to create a feature-rich website
  • Built-in shopping cart and Ecwid Storefront widgets help users sell online
  • The Widget Developer Network facilitates continuous product innovation
  • Many different product licenses support your individual sales strategy
  • Endless scalability for configurations ranging from single-server to cluster scenarios
  • Unrivaled customization options allow you to create your very own site building solution
Unmatched Customization

Your Custom Site Building SolutionEnjoy unrivaled flexibility in tailoring CM4all Sites to your specific target groups.

Unlimited Widgets

Browse through the industry-leading selection of widgets your customers will instantly benefit from. Creating a feature-rich website has never been easier!

Our unique Widget Developer Network enables continuous and easy expansion.

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The OEM Experts

CM4all - The OEM ExpertsSkip B2C providers and partner with a company that truly understands your needs.

  • Industry

    Focusing on successful long-term partnerships since 1999, we are dedicated to providing software solutions to leading telcos, ISPs, verticals and hosters worldwide in more than 25 languages.

  • Flexible

    We deliver the right solution for every partner: from single-server setups to cluster scenarios securely running in your own data center, from small hosting providers to global telcos - and everything in between.

  • Tailor-Made

    Our software is designed to be fully customizable, so it blends with your brands, supports your sales strategies, fits your markets and caters to your target groups – both now and in the future.

  • Unique

    We customize our software for you, install it in your data center and update it continuously. We also safeguard its availability with 24/7 support, satisfying even the most demanding telco-grade SLAs, so you can focus solely on marketing.

  • Profitable
    Business Models

    Our software suits business models from DIY to build-it-for-me to fully managed services, and supports automated bulk website creation. Thanks to its built-in multi-tier reseller capabilities, you profit from unmatched flexibility for your sales.

  • Innovation

    Developing one of the first purely web-based CMS, establishing wizard-driven website builders as a product category and launching a platform solution with our unique widget technology are milestones we proudly build on.

  • 360°
    Service Package

    At CM4all we do things right or not at all. Seamless project management with personal assistance from our key account managers, backed by thorough in-house quality assurance make for a truly German-engineered premium software solution.

  • Company

    Get to know the company behind CM4all.

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CM4all Sites unrivaled flexibility in customization as well as its very robust and tested APIs for integration and product configuration enabled us to blend it into our existing product range.

Brendan Armstrong, Technical Director, Afrihost

Our Customers

Successful Partnerships WorldwideLeading telcos, ISPs, verticals and hosters around the globe rely on CM4all Sites.

4 million registered domains

100,000 customers worldwide

"CM4all has a 15-year proven track record of continuously keeping their sitebuilding applications at the forefront of the industry and when their operations team makes a promise, we know they will deliver."

Alexander Siffrin, CEO Key-Systems

4 million registered domains

60,000 state-of-the-art servers

Read more about our partnership with Strato AG.
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"We evaluated 25 products. CM4all Sites was the only one that met all of our criteria. Modern designs to fit any end user device, ease of use, social media integration - it's perfect!"

Dr. Christian Böing, CEO of STRATO AG

250,000 customers worldwide

800,000 registered domains

Read more about our partnership with Hostnet.
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"Thanks to CM4all Sites, we secured a competitive edge and our customers are able to create professional desktop and mobile websites with ease."

Jesse Muller, Product Manager at Hostnet

200,000 websites worldwide

280,000 registered domains

"CM4all Sites’ unrivaled OEM customization options enabled us to precisely tailor the complete application to both our own and our customers’ specific requirements. No other product provides this amount of flexibility."

Markus Gebert, CTO of Hostpoint AG

17 million broadband customers

39 million mobile customers

Read more about our partnership with Deutsche Telekom AG. Read more

"The increased flexibility and future-proof architecture of the latest generation of licensed CM4all software enabled us to ideally realize our product concept while profiting from the proven technology as well as meeting our high quality standards."

Hans Panse, VP Business Products at Deutsche Telekom AG

50 million UV per month

6.7 billion PV per month

Read more about our partnership with UOL.
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"We invested a lot of time and resources to understand the market and consumer needs and were pleased to have found CM-AG, which supports our business with state-of-the art products and technology."

Ricardo Dutra, Marketing and Product Portfolio Director at UOL

News & Events

Content Management AG Offers Apprenticeships

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HostingCon Global 2016 - New Orleans

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CM4all Technical Talks #13

The latest "CM4all Technical Talks" event took place under the banner of "microservices." Although not all presentations were directly related to this topic, we had string of talks connecting a few dots.

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