2011-12-12 – Category: Press Releases

Largest Swiss Domain and Hosting Provider Hostpoint First to Launch CM4all Sites in SwitzerlandHostpoint integrates localized versions of Content Management AG's premium site building solution.

Cologne, Germany; Boston, USA – December 12, 2011

Content Management AG (CM-AG), a leading developer of web-based applications, is proud to announce that Hostpoint has successfully launched German, French, Italian, and English versions of CM4all Sites. Founded in 2001, Hostpoint is the largest Swiss hosting provider, currently hosting 130,000 websites and 150,000 domains. A CM-AG partner since 2004, the company has begun offering CM4all’s latest site building solution to its Swiss customers under the product name Hostpoint Sites. The solution is available in limited and full versions for CHF 14.90 and CHF 29.90 per month, respectively.

“We are convinced that thanks to CM4all Sites, we now have the opportunity to create a truly integrated homepage product and deliver the functionality that users want in a well designed and tested user interface that all of them can actually use. It goes without saying that we will make our new solution available to all Swiss customers from day one no matter which languages they speak and which one they prefer,” explains Yvan Knapp, Chief Customer Officer of Hostpoint.

In order to accelerate the website creation process, CM4all Sites’ Instant Setup Page gets users up and running in seconds by providing them with a complete pre-configured website. They also benefit from CM-AG's innovative widget technology, which allows for convenient drag & drop, configuration, and arrangement of all website elements. Built-in widgets range from contact forms through photo animations to social media connectivity with Twitter® and Facebook®. Users interested in e-commerce can leverage the shop widget to set up their own online shop and integrate it into their website. To guarantee an always up-to-date range of features, CM4all Sites comes with an open widget API that enables the integration of third-party services and allows for continuous development of widgets by CM-AG, OEM partners, and external software engineers.

For improved usability, a unique WYSIWYG editor provides full drag & drop functionality and allows for direct editing without any pop-ups. The improved template model enables users to fully individualize the included set of CSS templates by editing all colors and fonts as well as adding their own logos and images. A comprehensive file browser with an interactive drop zone accelerates uploading to the user's webspace and greatly simplifies file management.

“We are very pleased that Hostpoint, one of our valued OEM partners of long standing, is the first to launch CM4all Sites in Switzerland. The expansion of our seven-year partnership shows us that our investments in CM4all Sites were well spent, and the great success that Hostpoint has achieved validates their strategy of bundling our value-added services with their hosting products from the very beginning,” states Robert Schovenberg, CEO of CM-AG.

As usual with CM4all VAS products, the user interfaces of all four language versions of CM4all Sites were adapted to Hostpoint’s corporate design. CM-AG safeguards the software’s availability with 24/7 support and continuously updates both the operating system and the software application.

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