2016-09-18– EVENTS

OXS2016, Chicago, USA – Worthwhile attending event

Usually a conference organized by a software vendor would consist of various product presentations, sponsors’ sales talks and brief industry discussions. But OXS16 Chicago Summit, organized by Open Exchange from September 8 to 9, was nothing like that. It was truly an industry-focused event that consisted of workshops and discussions on subjects ranging from the best strategies for staying competitive (and in business) to the paradox of free markets.

During most of the conference time, the participants (who came from various backgrounds in the software and telco industries) engaged in roundtable workshops, which were masterfully led by Jonathan MacDonald – a renowned international speaker and founder of the Thought Expansion Network (TEN) who consults for Apple, Google, IKEA and many other companies.  Jonathan was not just a motivational speaker. He provided true insight into business, competition, technology and many other topics – making you rethink your own product strategy. I have never witnessed someone so skillfully answer the questions asked. Open Exchange also provided superb opportunities for in-depth conversations with peers and making some personal connections (which I will value for many years to come), something that is difficult to achieve during big conferences.

Many thanks to the Open Exchange team for making this possible! My gratitude also extends to the friendly staff for the efficient transportation and wonderful food – basically all aspects of the summit. It was a highlight of the year.

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