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Demo time at CM4all!

Since we began following the scrum process about six years ago, a number of good things and changes have happened. We launched our regular ‘Technical Talks’, we run Open Space events, and nearly all of our walls are covered with Post-Its. But most importantly, we have a number of self-organized teams working on exciting topics.

What we figured out as a challenge is that not everybody can visit every team’s review because this takes a lot of time. So, we decided to introduce a new type of meeting that gives everybody the chance to get an overview of what is currently going on at CM4all.

Our ‘Demo’ meeting takes place every two weeks at lunch time. There’s pizza, pasta and salad for everybody – and while we sit and stand together, any colleague can present on any type of work: new features in our software, new frameworks, new design approaches, research results of any kind, etc. There’s no agenda and no need to prepare a big presentation. We just ask, ”Who wants to be the next presenter?” – and to date, every time we have had around 10 short presentations lasting from three to 10 minutes. And there is always applause for the presenter and the represented team.

Now, everyone can stay informed while having lunch – and everybody has the chance to show their colleagues what they are currently working on. So far, after three months of Demo, we think it was a very good decision!

Demo time at CM4all!
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