2016-03-21 – Category: Company News

The social room

We at cm4all live and breathe the World Wide Web and its corresponding technologies, so we are all-in when we get to take a break from our ”virtual” jobs and instead kick back and come together in the real world! We have what we call a “social room” where cm4all employees compete in friendly foosball or pool games, or hang out after work and discuss the latest technological inventions.

A couple of months back, the company invested in a new 3D printer and made it available to everyone in the company. As you can imagine, the printer caused quite the hype around the office. It simultaneously serves as a creative think tank and source of inspiration.

Not only did our 3D printer save the day by printing a missing screw for our foosball table, it also produces handy smartphone accessories, Raspberry Pi cases and Darth Vader cookie dishes (basically the whole spectrum of essentials!) Who would have thought that a tech gadget like this would boost creativity and encourage inventive interaction?

Speaking of the social room, our lecture series on the World Wide Web’s latest technologies and their influence on our software development activities – cm4all’s ”Technical Talks” – usually take place in our social room. If you’re interested in joining us in Cologne for another compelling lecture event, feel free to join us! We are looking forward to socializing with you!

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