2014-05-29 – Category: Company News; Events

CM4all Technical Talks May 2014

The Internet of Things (IoT) and a modern programming language were two great topics for the May 2014 CM4all Technical Talks. While the hardware for the IoT Talk was being prepared, Falko Riemenschneider from itemis AG presented a talk on “Clojure - Why does it matter?” Clojure is a functional programming language targeted at the Java Virtual Machine and JavaScript. Falko illustrated how complex tasks can be solved with elegant and easy solutions provided by Clojure. He demonstrated the advantages of a functional language and the corresponding programming model. A short introduction to ClojureScript completed the presentation. ClojureScript compiles to JavaScript and is therefore a good choice for client-side web applications.

After a short break with some refreshments, the hardware for Thomas Eichstädt-Engelen's (innoQ Deutschland GmbH) IoT talk was ready, including a bag full of gadgets. His topic was "Home Automation for Geeks." Eclipse SmartHome and openHAB are two projects Thomas is working on. While Eclipse SmartHome provides the core framework for integrating various home automation systems, openHAB extends it and adds interfaces for many devices. Thomas connected colored LED lamps and made them change their color according to the weather forecast for the next day. A flower that announced it needed watering and a motion-controlled light switch were other highlights. All this was built live with the openHAB Designer, a tool for programming the various devices.

The event was once again well attended and has established itself as a good opportunity for CM4all's staff and interested people from outside the company to learn about new trends and upcoming developments. As always, the discussions continued afterward and provided a good chance for catching up with old contacts and meeting new people. CM4all Technical Talks will continue with the next session scheduled for September 2014.

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