2015-07-21 – Category: Company News, Events

CM4all Technical Talks #9

On June 2, 2015, CM4all opened its doors for its ninth Technical Talks event. About 40 attendees joined us for three interesting and engaging presentations. First off, Carl Berger of CM4all gave a brief overview of Scotland.js, a JavaScript conference held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Carl attended the conference to further educate himself and learn about the latest advances in Web technologies and JavaScript. He was favorably impressed by the discussion of social issues, such as diversity and inequality, in the software industry.

The second speaker was Maren Baermann from Innoviva Consulting, who discussed different feedback techniques and explained how constructive feedback unlocks potential for improvement, optimization and innovation. She demonstrated various practical tools to let the audience experience the different kinds of feedback and how they are received. The attendees enjoyed Maren’s in-depth knowledge and her passion for the “good mistake.”

The final talk, “AngularJS vs. React vs. Polymer,” focused on three popular JavaScript frameworks and their uses and was presented by CM4all’s Lars Gersmann. While all three frameworks have their pros and cons, Lars made it clear that the best course is usually to choose a framework that implements an open standard. In the future, Lars hopes that standards like Web components can replace much of the functionality provided by these frameworks. Modern web browsers make use of such standards, and therefore, only a small library is required for compatibility with older browsers.

Three great talks, each followed by a lively discussion and exchange of ideas by a tech-savvy audience, resulted in another very successful Technical Talks event. This is clearly an established and intriguing platform for many people, enabling them to catch up with current and emerging trends in a technical setting. As a result, various CM4all employees have even been invited to present their knowledge and speak at conferences such as enterJS or Developer World at CeBIT.

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