2018-05-09– Category: Events

CM4all Technical Talks #17

CM4all held the latest TechnicalTalk in our Cologne offices on April 19. About 30 participants accepted the invitation and joined us at this Thursday evening event for interesting discussions and a lively exchange of information.

“Atomic Design” was the first talk held by Simon Olofsson. He presented the Atomic Design methodology for creating and structuring design systems. At the end of his talk, he showed a style guide created with Atomic Design.

The second talk was about a self-designed smart mirror. Daniel Flesch described the steps from buying the materials, choosing the software and seeing how the mirror works in the end.

Then Carl Berger talked about the Rust programming language and its eco-system.

In the final talk, Cornel Schnietz started a discusssion about artificial intelligence using the example of the Chinese room experiment.

At the end of the event, the attendees all enjoyed a beer and some more conversation at CM4all’s offices.

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