2017-15-06– Category: Events

CM4all Technical Talks #15

CM4all recently held the latest TechnicalTalk in our Cologne offices in cooperation with DevHouseFriday. About fifty participants accepted the invitation and joined us at this Friday evening event for interesting discussions and a lively exchange of information.

“Retro Gaming Console Modding” was the first talk held by Christof Harnischmacher (CM4all). He provided insight into his project - implementing HDMI output (A and V) for the Sega Dreamcast - by presenting his way of solving the problem of VGA signals with FPGAs. He also brought his modified Dreamcast console and gave a demonstration.

The second talk was about “Real Life Controllers.” Andreas Streichardt (arangoDB) connected his motorbike to his Amiga and used it as a controller for playing racing games. He presented some video sequences to give us an impression of his “controller” in action.

In the final talk, Philipp Hocke (CM4all) gave us a short overview of TLS, CRTs and CAs. Starting with the basics of the encryption methods used for secure connections on networks, he also gave an overview of Certification Authorities and their advantages and disadvantages. Another topic was Let’s Encrypt, a CA which signs web certificates for free and can be used as an easy and quick way to provide HTTPS on web servers.

At the end of the event, the attendees all went for a beer and some more conversation at Cologne’s annual Bierbörse festival on the banks of the Rhine River.

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