2013-07-22 – Category: Company News; Partner News; Product News

New Trial and Buy License

With the sales and marketing success of our OEM partners in mind, we have enhanced the available promotion opportunities for the latest release of CM4all Sites with a configurable trial license that grants users temporary access to CM4all Sites’ full feature range.

The newly created license model enables OEM partners to increase conversion rates significantly by showcasing CM4all Sites to potential customers for 30 days completely free of charge. If satisfied with the service, users can upgrade to the CM4all Sites Full Version at any time during and even after the trial period.

Our new trial-and-buy concept is divided into three different phases. During the first phase, users have full access to the application and can even publish their newly created website. In the second phase, the live website is still accessible, but publishing is automatically disabled. Users can still log in to their accounts and edit the website, but changes cannot be published anymore.

When the actual trial period expires, the third phase begins: users can no longer access the application, and the prior published website is deactivated. However, the complete website content remains in users’ CM4all Sites accounts, so they can continue to work on their websites when they sign up for the CM4all Sites Full Version. This way, OEM partners can leverage the opportunity to follow up on expired trial accounts, and users save valuable time when continuing to work on their websites.

For maximum flexibility in their sales strategy, OEM partners can define a dedicated landing page for trial licenses which is displayed whenever trial users want to publish their websites and after the trial period has expired. In addition, the total length of the trial period as well as the number of days users can publish their websites can be set to any value of 30 days or less, depending on individual requirements.

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