CM4all Hosting Platform

CM4all Hosting PlatformA Modular Hosting Solution

The CM4all Hosting Platform is a hosting and web services infrastructure designed to augment your business with leading-edge Internet applications. Over 250 staff years of development have been invested to create a modular system that ensures that components are selected according to your specific infrastructure needs. The CM4all Hosting Platform offers both standardization and customization in a solution unique to your requirements.

The CM4all Hosting Platform is built on CM4all Technology, so every single application, service and control mechanism plugs and plays neatly and reliably with its neighbor. The Platform is designed to incorporate your systems and form an unbeatable gateway solution that is scalable, economical and future proof.

  • Massive investment in the non-visible components of the Hosting Platform means maximum scalability for your enterprise.
  • The centralized storage architecture ensures that all components and services access a central core with multiple n+1 redundancy for optimum reliability and system performance.
  • The CM4all technology uses an intelligent caching algorithm to overcome the conceptual disadvantages of database-supported web server architecture.
    Responsiveness, reliability and scalability are all enhanced.
  • Implementing the jail principle at kernel level guarantees the highest possible security for premium hosting packages and allows users to access scripting, MySQL and SSH within a dedicated and shielded environment.
  • CM4all Middleware provides seamless integration of the CM4all Hosting Platform into any existing infrastructure in line with industry standards along with flexible interfaces for a wide variety of services.

Having been in production at leading telcos for almost two decades now, our hosting solution has passed the most rigid quality assurance tests and has proven its reliability day in and day out.

If you are interested in learning more about using our highly individualized solution for your large-scale hosting platform, please contact us.

The increased flexibility and future-proof architecture of the latest generation of licensed CM4all software enabled us to ideally realize our product concept while profiting from the proven technology as well as meeting our high quality standards.

Hans Panse, Vice President Business Products, Deutsche Telekom AG

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