Build-It-For-Me Solution

Build-It-For-Me SolutionBuild and update websites for your customers as a managed service.

Our premium website building solution CM4all Sites allows users to create beautiful and fully responsive DIY websites. But sometimes SMBs just lack the time, resources or skills to create and maintain a website themselves. This distinct market need offers ample opportunity for establishing a profitable website design and maintenance service with a “Build-It-For-Me” approach (BIFM). We have developed a dedicated product version of CM4all Sites in close cooperation with our OEM partners to provide optimal support for the sales and creation process. CM4all Sites is specifically designed to provide services ranging from an initial website draft to complete management of a user’s web presence.

In a straightforward workflow, your internal or external team will create website drafts for your customers, refine them during the review process, and manage updates as well as add-ons like marketing services after the websites are published. Based on the information provided by the customer or gathered from your internal database, your designers first create an initial website draft in “Admin Mode” in CM4all Sites. They can then enhance the draft with additional content such as stock images or customized graphics or copy. An existing CM4all template is selected and modified, or a distinctive, custom template is created for the specific customer based on our OEM Template Guide. When done, the designers can easily provide customers access to the draft via a unique “Preview Mode” and finalize the website in as many steps as needed to create a customized professional website approved by the business owner.


Template Design
Template Creation
Built-in Verification
Tagging & Filtering
Storing & Managing


Outbound Mass Marketing
Template Catalog
Premium Marketplace

As an OEM partner, there are many ways you can profit from a managed services (BIFM) approach:

  • Higher margins well above those of traditional hosting products
  • Close customer relationships and increased customer retention
  • Multiple up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Increased customer lifetime value
  • Optimal utilization of existing resources
  • No HTML/CSS knowledge required by your staff to design websites

Many of our partners worldwide have already successfully established a BIFM managed website service and rely on CM4all Sites to create and maintain unique and custom-made websites. To learn more about how CM4all Sites can help you establish and run a profitable managed website service, please contact us.

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