2011-08-17 – Category: Press Releases

Hosting Provider and Domain Registrar UK2 Group First to Launch CM4all Sites in the United StatesUK2 Group markets Content Management AG’s premium website building solution through its U.S.-based hosting brand WestHost.

Cologne, Germany; Boston, USA – August 17, 2011

Content Management AG (CM-AG), a leading developer of web-based applications, is proud to announce that UK2 Group, an industry-leading hosting provider and domain registrar, has successfully launched CM4all Sites through its brand WestHost. Marketed under the product name “DropClick” an entry level and a full website package are available for monthly fees of $8 and $16 respectively. Providence, Utah-based WestHost has been offering quality web hosting services and superior customer support since 1998. Made up of twelve hosting brands successfully operating in the United States and the United Kingdom, UK2 Group is a major player in the web hosting industry and one of the biggest and fastest growing web hosting providers in the U.K.

“Although we have been using CM4all software since 2005, we put the latest software’s front- and back-end capabilities to the test during an extensive QA phase,” said Jeff Hunsaker, President of UK2 Group – US Operations. “CM4all Sites is truly OEM ready. With its modern architecture and added flexibility, CM4all Sites perfectly supports our bundling strategy and opens up multiple new business opportunities.”

CM4all Sites is specifically designed to meet the complex requirements of large-scale hosting providers and comes with proven administrative APIs for a seamless integration with the OEM partner’s existing control panel and hardware infrastructure. End customers benefit from sophisticated features such as CM4all Sites’ new Instant Setup Page as well as CM-AG's innovative widget technology that allows for convenient drag & drop, configuration, and arrangement of all website elements. Built-in widgets range from contact forms through weather forecasts to social media connectivity with Twitter® and Facebook®. A dedicated shop widget enables users to integrate their own online shop into their website. In addition, CM4all Sites is designed with an open widget API that enables the integration of third party services and allows for continuous development of widgets by CM-AG, OEM partners, and external software engineers.

CM4all Sites is generally available in a Limited Edition and a Full Version. The Limited Edition’s feature point concept enables UK2 Group to independently define and manage default product packages for bundling that can be tailored to ideally suit different hosting plans. Furthermore, end users enjoy the flexibility of exchanging widgets within their accounts at any time for more personal choice.

“We are excited to see WestHost starting to market CM4all Sites in the United States, and we are looking forward to rolling out the product within the other UK2 Group brands. In order to support our OEM partner’s business in the best possible way, our latest product innovation offers enhanced customization options and includes several new features designed to actively promote upgrades from the software’s Limited Edition to the Full Version,” states Robert Schovenberg, CEO of CM-AG.

In a first step, the complete user interface of CM4all Sites was adapted to WestHost’s corporate design and installed in an English-language version. CM-AG safeguards the software’s availability with 24/7 support and continuously updates both the operating system and the software application.

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