2014-02-05 – Category: Press Releases

Spain’s Sudespacho.net Gets Professional Services Firms Online With CM4all SitesHighly specialized hosting and cloud services provider offers Content Management AG’s premium site building solution.

Content Management AG, a leading provider of web-based applications, is proud to announce that sudespacho.net successfully markets Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese versions of CM4all Sites. The product is available in “Básica” and “Profesional” packages for €9.95 and €19.95 per month, respectively.

Founded in 2003, Sudespacho.net focuses on providing cloud services to vertical markets and is currently serving over 4,000 law, accounting and consulting firms in Spain, Brazil and across Latin America. In order to facilitate the migration of existing websites to CM4all Sites, sudespacho.net is handling the entire website creation process for its customers. This allows users to simply take over a full-fledged website they can easily maintain and expand on their own.

“As a highly specialized service provider, it was of great importance to us to offer a website solution that seamlessly blends with our existing product portfolio. CM4all Sites’ multitude of customization options allowed us to tailor the product precisely to the individual needs of our target groups. We believe that features such as custom-made design templates combined with easy mobile website setup and CM4all Sites’ outstanding usability will meet with strong approval from our customers,” explains Angel Gandoy, CEO and co-founder of sudespacho.net.

Thanks to CM-AG’s powerful content management core, mobile websites can be created for iOS and Android smart phones directly within CM4all Sites. A well-structured menu allows users to precisely define which parts of the existing content they want to adopt and whether they want to add a mobile start page. When activated, CM4all Sites automatically publishes the mobile website and the desktop version simultaneously.

CM4all Sites delivers numerous additional innovations, including an instant setup page and an enhanced WYSIWYG editor. Thanks to CM4all’s new widget technology, users at all levels can integrate sophisticated features into their websites ranging from contact forms through photo galleries to social media connectivity with Facebook®, Twitter® and Google+™.

“Today, professional services firms rely heavily on a convincing website to generate leads and to communicate with clients. However, creating and maintaining a professional web presence can be time-consuming and costly. With CM4all Sites, our new OEM partner sudespacho.net fills this gap and enables its business customers to set up feature-rich and graphically appealing websites in no time,” says Robert Schovenberg, CEO of Content Management AG.

As is standard with all CM4all products, the user interface of CM4all Sites was adapted to sudespacho.net’s corporate design. CM-AG safeguards the software’s availability with 24/7 support and continuously updates both the operating system and the software application. 

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