2014-02-24 – Category: Product News

CM4all Sites and the wise use of web fonts

Web fonts can make any website more attractive – but use them wisely!

Typography in websites has evolved dramatically in the last 20 years, starting from a very limited selection of ”web-safe fonts” like Arial and Times New Roman in the 1990s and evolving into a phase of designing elements with additional fonts and rendering them as graphics. Today’s broad availability of web fonts, sparked in particular by Google with its Google Web Fonts project launch in 2010, brings new opportunities – and challenges – to website owners and site building solution providers alike. 


How can users easily pick their favorite web fonts in a site builder?

Just offering web fonts in a product isn’t quite enough – What is even more important is getting users to create appealing content with them. We integrated our web font selection seamlessly with the standard font selection, thus taking away the technical hurdles of the process. All that’s left is to click on a font you like and start creating content with it.


Keep it simple: Don’t overdo it!

The same principle that applies to print layout is also valid for websites: Don’t use too many different font styles on a single page, or your content will start looking messy. We try to nudge users in the right direction by adding a “Currently used in website” section to the user’s font selection menu, thereby bringing together web fonts and standard fonts. For users, a font should simply be a tool, and they should not have to concern themselves with its source.


Choose the right fonts for content and headlines 

Generally speaking, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your fonts should match your website. Depending on what your site is about, either a more playful or a more serious font might be appropriate. You can get pretty creative with your font selection for headlines. Try something that gets your visitors’ attention. For your content, focus more on readability and use clear non-serif fonts.

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