2014-02-25 – Category: Company News; Events

CM4all Technical Talks

On February 19, we held the fourth CM4all Technical Talks (C4TT). This was once again a great opportunity to get an update on technical improvements and to discuss the latest trends in web development. About 40 people gathered at Content Management AG (CM4all) to enjoy the free lectures and snacks.

Frank Preiwuß from CM4all provided some interesting insights about user experience (UX) and how emotions influence our perception of a product. Enhancing the user experience is definitely an important aspect of increasing your customer value. The presentation closed with a short discussion about integrating UX techniques into agile software development.

The second talk by Holger Müller (CM4all) provided an overview of tools for creating structured software configurations. YAML is a commonly used syntax for storing configuration templates. Along with a templating engine like Jinja, those templates can be used to generate configuration files and documentation. Doing so avoids duplicated configurations and simplifies the management of configuration values.

A particularly interesting topic was presented by Holger Kraus from innoQ Germany, who introduced the audience to the ROCA (Resource-Oriented Client Architecture) style. ROCA provides recommendations for Web application architectures. The use of resources and corresponding representations are proposed following the popular REST style. Along with unobtrusive JavaScript, the resulting applications can be indexed by web crawlers, and the back and refresh buttons in the browser work out of the box. This kind of architecture is especially useful for public websites.

This C4TT was an informative and fun evening that closed with more interesting discussions over some beers. The next C4TT is scheduled for May 2014.

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