2016-08-09– Category: Events, Company News

CM4all Technical Talks #13

The latest "CM4all Technical Talks" event took place under the banner of "microservices." Although not all presentations were directly related to this topic, we had string of talks connecting a few dots.

First, we got warmed up with Tobias Lindig (CM4all), who brought us up to speed with an introduction to the "Flexbox" web layout model, used in CSS3 by modern browsers. For front-end developers who are reading this: drop your HTML "table" and "divs," if you want to create state-of-the-art responsive websites.

The second talk took us down the path to modern web services: Lars Gersman (CM4all) introduced us to today’s JavaScript. The ECMAScript 2015 JavaScript standard brought a lot of features and changes to the table for the JavaScript community, and many of them were introduced briefly in the talk, e.g., "arrow functions," "generators," "dangling commas" and "block-scoped variables and constants." Since Node.js, and thus ECMAScript 2015, is the weapon of choice for a lot of developers on the server side, it's pretty important to stay up to date with these new JavaScript functions.

This led us to Leo Olbrich (CM4all), who gave an introduction to microservices - what they are, how they are designed, how they should be designed and what all the fuss is about. He explained the difference between a monolithic software architecture and the microservice approach, which is much more manageable in the long term, using an imaginary video portal as an example.

Jochen Kuritz and Sebastian Max (cleverbridge AG) held the final talk. While Leo gave more theoretical background, Jochen and Sebastian described the path they walked when they started implementing microservices in their company, cleverbridge. They talked about hands-on, real-life experiences, what worked, what was harder than expected and how it all fit together. And guess what? Cleverbridge used Node.js/ECMAScript 2015 as well.

We'll be back in September for another roundup of our Technical Talks. Stay tuned!

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