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CM4all Technical Talks #12 CM4all Technical Talks meets UXCGN

On Wednesday, March 23, 2016, CM4all hosted its 12th Technical Talks event, this time in cooperation with Cologne-based UXCGN. UXCGN is a user experience meet-up held twice a month at various locations in Cologne. This time the event took place at CM4all’s headquarters. About 50 attendees accepted an open invitation and participated in the evening of technology-themed presentations.

The event was kicked off by Jörg Enkel and Oliver Schirok from the UXCGN organizing team who gave their well-known buzzword introduction. Immediately after that, Ethem Küçük from CM4all welcomed everyone, and the presentations for the evening began.

The first talk was by product designer Mathis Kretschmann. His topic was “Making things simple: What we can learn from interior design?”. His presentation was a good starting point for discussing our daily work routines and how we could change them in the future.

Next up was Martin Gude, who gave us a quick view into his toolset and methods. His theme was “Where do you go to, my lovely?”, and he showed us some strategic and operational methods useful for anyone working on concepts as well as product managers.

The break provided enough time for networking, enjoying a couple of glasses of Kölsch beer and having a snack from our famous “billiard-table buffet.”

The last presentation of the evening was by Lutz Schmitt, who held a very inspiring speech about the terms “good” and “beautiful,” their meaning in semantics and their usage in the fields of design and user experience. All in all, we had a great evening with our friends from UXCGN at CM4all Technical Talks #12. We’re all looking forward to the next talk to be held on June 9, 2016.

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