2015-10-14 – Category: Company News, Events

CM4all Technical Talks #10

On Friday, September 4, 2015, CM4all hosted its 10th Technical Talks event in cooperation with Cologne-based DevHouseFriday. The event took place at CM4all’s headquarters in Cologne. About 50 attendees followed an open invitation and attended a technology-themed presentation evening, which first and foremost focused on the state-of-the-art development of web applications. The event also aimed to encourage an exchange of information among the tech-savvy participants.

First off, Minh Nguyen (CM4all) introduced the audience to the concept of ”gamification.” This refers to using game-typical elements and processes to target a behavioral change and boost the user’s motivation. Minh’s presentation furthermore sparked a lively discussion among interested listeners, which primarily focused on putting this approach into action in a realistic setting. 

Second up was Martin Wessely from Railslove GmbH, who presented his own invention, the ”Hello Tab Chrome Extension.” ”Hello Tab” replaces the user’s new tab page with random thoughts from others and is gaining popularity as enjoyable platform for making social connections online.

Lastly, Simon Olofsson from CM4all spoke about the new JavaScript Fetch API, which provides a consistent and user-friendly way to retrieve web resources. Simon showed how upcoming JavaScript features, such as Arrow functions (coming in ECMAScript 6) and the Async function (ECMAScript 7), can further improve the readability of such programs.

The Technical Talk was concluded by a visit to Cologne’s annual “Bierbörse” - a beer festival featuring around 500 different kinds of beer. It served as the perfect ending to an intriguing, interesting and informative evening. All in all, CM4all’s 10th Tech Talk was once again a success!

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