2016-06-01 – Category: Product News

Sites gets a complete UI redesign – Google “Material” style

For the past few months, we have been working on a complete overhaul of the CM4all Sites UI. You might have already seen a sneak peek during this year’s World Hosting Days Global in Rust, Germany, if you visited our booth there. For everyone else, here is a rundown of what we have done:

Updating the application UI didn’t just mean changing colors and fonts this time. We wanted to go far beyond just a “facelift” and take the Sites user experience to a new level.

We picked Google’s “Material design” style guide as a basic guideline to follow.


Changes were then made throughout every part of Sites, starting with the top menu and flyouts. Everything is now “flatter” than before, and unnecessary icons have been removed in favor of clear design driven by fonts. The spacing of dropdowns and other components was improved, and modern click (or touch on your mobile device) effects and other tweaks were added to make Sites even more enjoyable to work with.

Several buttons and menus have been moved from their former locations to a new spot in Sites where we feel they will create a better user experience than before. The most obvious of these changes is the new “Website Structure” bar on the left – the new access point for changing your site tree and navigating around your site.

The new style has also been adapted to each and every configuration dialog in Sites. Dialogs look a lot cleaner and more crisp now. Input fields were given a nice highlighting effect when active, and dialogs with multiple tabs work more smoothly than ever before.

All of these changes make Sites 3.0 the most attractive and user friendly version of Sites yet. If we’ve made you curious, feel free to contact our sales department for a personal demonstration!

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