2015-11-10 – Category: Product News

Shop widget facelift, introducing team and portfolio widgets

Content Management AG is taking the next of a series of steps to overhaul frequently used functions in its software by updating both the look and usability of the initial batch of widgets.

Inspired by major online shopping sites, the shop widget now features an up-to-date, clear overview of products using a tile layout. Product images automatically appear in a uniform format with current CSS effects (transform, transition, background size, scale, etc.), and the full information about products is displayed on mouse over. Other added benefits include a floating user notification that is shown when a product is put into the shopping cart as well as additional AJAX calls to eliminate reloading of the entire website when products are added to or removed from the cart. The result is a cleaner and much more modern look.

New default images and a uniformly designed set of sample products round out the shop facelift for an impressive gain in user experience and usability.

The team and portfolio widgets are new additions to the Sites widget range. Besides a list layout, both widgets feature a tile view with a nice flip effect for switching between image and text elements.

Just like in the shop widget, images are automatically shown in a consistent format. The use of CSS and Javascript enables the tiles to be ”turned around,” revealing the text information on the other “side.” Additional images are hidden by default and are only shown on mouse over, so no important information is hidden. Both widgets can be used in variety of ways to showcase projects, team members and more.

Of course, all widgets are completely responsive thanks to media queries and can therefore be displayed optimally on any mobile device. Besides updating the style to be more modern, we also completely rewrote the widget source code, thereby providing better search engine visibility. Current widgets will be transferred to the new style, so end users will automatically benefit from the changes.

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