2014-09-11 – Category: Company News

Overhaul of Cologne headquarters completed!

Over the last eight weeks, our headquarters in Cologne, Germany, situated on the two top floors of the Mediapark building underwent major renovations. Although business usually slows down a bit in summertime, closing the office even for a single day was not an option for us. Since our team features a great bunch of experienced project managers, we worked out a meticulous plan covering all the different trades involved in the renovations.

Our whole office measuring more than 1,600 square meters (17,500+ square feet) received new parquet flooring and carpeting. All of the walls were painted and, in some departments, we also redesigned the workspace to accommodate future personnel growth. Most of the heavy work was done over the weekends to allow us to continue with our day-to-day operations uninterrupted. Renovations were carried out section by section, and we used our existing meeting rooms and social and entertainment areas as temporary office space. Although at times it felt a bit "cozy," and the conference rooms did sometimes resemble mission control, it all went well in the end.

However, painting, installing flooring and applying new logos and decorations was not enough. We also replaced the majority of our furniture. Most noteworthy was our purchase of 80+ ergonomic, height-adjustable Vitra© tables that now allow everyone to work in comfort and style. While a very small minority of us still misses the worn-out, one-size-fits-all tables we had gotten used to over the past ten years, the rest of us greatly appreciate the updates. Everybody in the office benefits equally from the significant investment the company made to improve our day-to-day working conditions, and we will do our best to keep things looking shiny and new for some time to come!

The project was successfully completed just in time for our upcoming 15-year corporate anniversary. We are proud of the results and look forward to welcoming existing and new customers, partners and staff to our beautiful new office. Hope to see you all in Cologne very soon!

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