2013-08-26 – Category: Company News; PArtner News; Product News

CM4all Sites and Ecwid’s Private Label Reseller Model

As announced previously in one of our newsletters, we have partnered with Ecwid to add a high-end e-commerce solution to CM4all Sites. As a result, CM4all Sites users can instantly add an Ecwid store to their websites via a dedicated built-in widget and receive a 20% discount on all Ecwid paid plans.

For you as an OEM partner, this seamless integration also provides two ways to create extra revenue streams from e-commerce subscriptions. The easiest way to start profiting is the affiliate model – it requires no commitments or fees. Instead of the direct discount for CM4all Sites users, Ecwid offers you an ongoing revenue share for all end customers who add online stores to their CM4all Sites websites and subscribe to Ecwid’s paid plans. To become an affiliate you only need to sign a referral agreement and, within a few business days, you can start earning your commissions.

For those of you who are looking for a closer partnership, CM4all Sites now also supports Ecwid’s reseller model which allows you to offer Ecwid e-commerce stores as a private label service. This model lets you manage Ecwid accounts and bill your customers directly. Naturally, this type of partnership requires some additional technical effort and integration with your billing system, but it very quickly provides you with your own private label online shop solution fully integrated into CM4all Sites.

If you are interested in earning extra revenue from e-commerce subscriptions, please contact us for more information about the various possibilities for your CM4all Sites implementation.

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