2015-09-23 – Category: Company News, Events

CM4all’s 16th birthday – Celebrated at the beach!

On Friday, September 11, we celebrated our company’s 16th birthday in style with our feet in the sand! We were once again lucky to have good weather - definitely not a sure thing in Germany in September. A crowd of more than 50 employees from our headquarters spent the day at a beach in Cologne. Cologne is known for a lot of things, but beaches are not one of them, considering its location some 300+ kilometers away from the nearest sea. However, a couple of years ago, Blackfoot beach resort was set up on Fühlinger Lake at the outskirts of Cologne - the perfect place for our anniversary.

We kicked off the day with a healthy breakfast, before we went on to the active part of the day. Our organizations team - whom we can’t thank enough - planned a variety of activities: from archery to a high ropes course to paintball, there was something available for every age and interest in our group. The people participating ranged in age from their early twenties to over fifty. We all had a blast and no one suffered any serious injuries, just a few sore muscles and bruises that reminded us that we spend most of our time in the office nowadays and that some were little bit too enthusiastic about winning the paintball battle!

After a lunch break, it was time to just hang out. The possibilities at the beach were endless: people could choose from swimming, volleyball and stand-up paddle boarding or just relaxing in the beach lounges and enjoying good food, drinks and tunes. We finished the day off with a nice barbecue and a few bottles of our beloved Kölsch beer. We stayed long after the sunset enjoying ourselves and made it back to the city later that evening. It obviously didn’t end there as Cologne offers many opportunities for an extended bar crawl. But that’s another story…

On September 25, the festivities will continue for our colleagues in Berlin and the other offices. We are very eager to hear their stories and see pictures of how they celebrated our corporate anniversary.

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