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Being open-minded is key to staying ahead in the IT market

As an active leader in the IT industry since 1999, CM AG can definitely say: We know how to develop high-quality software. At the same time, we are constantly evolving to always stay one step ahead in the market. That’s why we invited Agile Coach Sebastian Amme to join us for a week so we could learn from each other.



At CM4all, we regard the development of our organization as an iterative process – just like developing perfectly tailored software for our customers. In other words, we’ve made a commitment to innovation as well as to continuing education.

We began developing software according to the Scrum method when an initial development team chose this form of teamwork in 2011. In a nutshell, Scrum is a product and project management model for agile software development. In essence, Scrum has few rules but is nonetheless effective when it comes to implementing projects. The great freedom this method provides to individuals in determining procedures is important to us.


Reflecting on the path

This approach suits us perfectly and since it was first introduced, many teams have adopted the method. Today, the model is firmly anchored in our company thanks to professional Scrum Masters.

Because it is important to question and reflect on one's own path from time to time, we’re always keen on getting feedback from the outside. This is why we host events such as the Cologne Scrumtisch, where we meet up with external experts to promote exchange between companies, and to give and receive valuable input.

Just recently, we welcomed Agile Coach Sebastian Amme, who accompanied our Scrum Masters, Product Owners and agile teams for a week at work.


Self-organisation is essential

The collaboration was very valuable for both sides, as Sebastian obtained insight into the work of professional Scrum Masters, while we received useful input from Sebastian, who provided suggestions and created new approaches through his targeted questions and ideas. "The degree of maturity of self-organization is high, and the agile mindset of the teams at Content Management AG is strong. Retrospectives will ensure continuous development of this collaboration," he noted.

In order to sustain a result-oriented and customer-focused working method, a good atmosphere is essential for employees. Self-organization of the teams is one of the keys here. And being open-minded is a fundamental aspect of shaping our own development and always staying one step ahead in the IT market.

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