uXchange #13 Meetup at CM4all

Following the motto “Don't theorize about UX – let's talk about hands-on UX ...
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uXchange #13 Meetup at CM4all

by Manuela Schmid
Following the motto “Don't theorize about UX – let's talk about hands-on UX for the digital products we create” we hosted one of the monthly uXchange meetups. More than 40 people joined uXchange #13 to listen to interesting talks from different UX designers, web developers and product people. Naturally, networking, pizza and beer was part of the evening too.

Starting with the first talk of the evening from Manuela – Product Owner at CM4all – with the topic “Design Sprint à la Google – an experiment from the field”, the uXchangers could listen to some experiences from an underdog project at CM4all from 2017. Manuela talked about the experiment when she invited a team of developers, a Scrum Master, herself as Product Owner of the team and a bunch of other colleagues from support, sales and marketing for the first ever 5-day design sprint. The team battled the design challenge: “Design possibilities for the user to edit the key visual area in the CM4all website builder, so small and medium businesses can create stunning modern Websites.” Using methods such as “how might we”, personas, user flows, sketching ideas, prototyping and testing, the result of the 5-day sprint was a new feature implemented in the key visual of CM4all website editor called “focus point”.

Chiara Fries, who is a Service Designer at AXA, held the second talk of the evening, regarding the topic “How to talk to customers”. You might think this is an easy topic, but Chiara surprised the audience with a lot of insights about how she and her team come up with new services within the AXA organization. For example, some of her key facts from the talk were: “learning from customer interviews is a bit like archaeological excavations. Somewhere deep down are the answers, but they are fragile. Every single groundbreaking dig gets you closer to the truth, but it’s also dangerous because it might burst into million little pieces if your technique is too rough.” Another insight was “Focus on the critical function” because you might get lost in detail when you do your research. Summing up her talk with: “learning from customers can always surprise you, so don’t make assumptions, do your research.”

The last and final talk was held by Christian Poplawski, who is a frontend developer and UX designer at Railslove. His topic “UX for Developers” was funny, entertaining and very informative. Bringing both job roles to the table he talked about how designers usually create a beautiful vision and sometimes - well ok most times to be honest - while developing it turns out completely different than visualized by the designer. But why is that? Is it because developers are evil in general? NOPE! Is it because developers don’t care about the product? NOPE! Or is it that developers don’t know the importance of UX Design yet? Maybe! Well designers and developers both have a lot on their plate in normal business days but what if developers actually are designers, but they just don’t know it yet? With this question to think about, Christian left us to talk and network within the community.

All in all, it was another great meetup and we were happy to be your host. Hope to see some of you soon at the next meetup in another location.