What’s up at CM4all – The latest news

Yes, we know. The last couple of weeks we haven’t shared much news. That’s because it’s been very busy here at CM4all.
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What’s up at CM4all – The latest news

von Silke Kanes
Yes, we know. The last couple of weeks we haven’t shared much news. That’s because it’s been very busy here at CM4all. New tools, new features… it’s time to give you an update!

In this collaborative article, the CM4all product team provides a little insight into major updates to our website builder and our new Build-It-For-Me tools.
For a more in-depth update, we are happy to welcome you at our first webinar beginning of next year.


SITES 4: Be curious!

We are currently working on major improvements to our website builder. The brand-new UI will enhance the user experience through new front-end components and optimized, consistent interaction patterns based on Googles Material Design.
We make our software faster, better and even more responsive - and of course, as always, for all our existing customers!


Entering a new era: Welcome to our Build-It-For-Me (BIFM) solutions

We are not just optimizing our website builder but also extending it with additional, easily integrated tools. Our new Build-It-For-Me extensions to CM4all Sites will facilitate end-to-end business processes - in sales, communications, administration and customer service - between your service agents and customers.


The Expertizer: Your helping hand for boosting sales

We are happy to officially announce the initial release of ‘The Expertizer’ in 2019 - a dynamic knowledge database that takes your call center agents to the next level. It helps them to successfully close contracts in a world of complex digital products in need of explanation.


The Operator and The Co-Operator: The perfect solutions for good teamwork

First-class service is reflected in flawless communication between service agent and customer. Therefore, we are currently working towards the release of two essential components to provide maximum support to your service agents:

  • ‘The Operator’ is a user-friendly admin panel your service agents can use to manage and coordinate all ongoing website projects with an extending API to connect external CRM systems.
  • ‘The Co-Operator’ ist a handy feedback interface and the customer-facing counterpart to ‘The Operator’. It optimizes the communication channel between the customer and service agent and simplifies time-consuming processes.

The CM4all Product Team wishes all partners and friends a relaxing Christmas time and a good start into the new year. We are happy to demonstrate you in 2019, that our software is the best and most reliable solution for DIY customers and service organizations.